How to Create a Fantastic Thesis Statement for Research Paper

A thesis statement is the core of a huge number of papers in the scientific space, including a wide variety of different essays and works of a higher and more serious academic level. Despite the smallest volume, it illustrates the key position of the author and is the foundation of all content. Here you need to combine the ability to briefly and clearly express your own point of view with the theoretical basis and relevance of the chosen topic and its significance for society.

While working on research and similar academic papers, the situation changes a bit. However, paradoxically, even taking into account the narrowing of the chosen direction and at the same time the increase in the number of materials that are necessary for a full-fledged study, a small amount remains an unchanged criterion in the creation of thesis statement for research paper.

Just imagine. Two short phrases fulfill the most important function of the entire university work and emphasize the main idea that saves the narrative from blur and strengthens the given arguments. For this reason, you have to follow important guidelines during working with this item. Find out more in the following paragraphs.

A Little More About The Concept

Each student must have met with a component called the thesis statement. At first, this is associated with an abundance of diverse essays. Then, before graduation, the thesis function becomes different and transforms into a long process of developing an informative article.

However, this article does not affect this type and has in mind a short but at the same time a specific proposal that is a recitation of your opinion and synthesizes all the presented information. Its colossal role is explained by the initial position that introduces the audience to the work as a whole.

In addition to the underlined nuances, work on thesis statement for research paper may relate to the following:

  • is a formulated answer to the question that raises the selected topic;
  • may cause a controversial audience reaction;
  • while the body paragraphs provide your point of view with facts or statistics, the thesis statement aims to present only your thoughts.

The long practice of writing this element and continuous development helps to improve many skills, among which the last place does not belong to persuasion and logical thinking. Moreover, the ability to convince is present in each area of the everyday life of any person. It allows you to create a correlation between academic activities and other areas.

Thesis Creation Process

Often, work on this aspect takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, encountering a number of difficulties is quite common. Traditionally, students begin by collecting a variety of sources for a detailed analysis and systematization of the found material. Only then does the thesis development period follow. Moreover, most likely the primary version of your thesis will be draft and meet with many transformations further.

There is an equally long list of possible strategies that contain challenging steps that help you go a long way and create a great thesis.

A detailed analysis of the volume of different angles that relate to the selected topic contributes to the synthesis and creation of conclusions. After that, the student can move on to identifying similar and different features of a variety of aspects.

Don’t miss a single thought. Before starting work on the final version, you need to collect all available materials and write down even those ideas that seem to be imperfect or far from the areas that are being studied.

Don’t be afraid of consultation. Remember that permanent communication with a professor or supervisor is very important during any activity. Feel free to clarify the issues that concern you or ask for an explanation of the obscure aspects. The learning process exists for just that.

At the time of writing, a thesis statement for research paper consists of aspects such as:

  • analysis of the collected sources;
  • the formulation of facts and statements that reinforce the importance and relevance of creating paper;
  • the development of the hypothesis which is most effectively contributes to obtaining important observations and conclusions;
  • focusing on information that was obtained after a long analysis;
  • thinking over the quality and strong arguments that are the basis for indicating your point of view;
  • finding a suitable position for the thesis statement and its presentation.

These simple steps explain the essence and role of the correct design of the key idea. Thanks to this, you can quickly navigate the workflow and create an excellent paper. Nevertheless, you should not be limited only to the underlined aspects. Use them as inspiration and come up with your own unique tactics that will lead to the excellent thesis statement for research paper.

What About A Concrete Example

Of course, no long manuals will replace a ready-made sample that will be a reliable guide to working with the academic environment. Below we presented a scientific article and highlighted the thesis statement.

The Impact of a Huge Amount of Plastic on the Life of the Planet

Our society, living in the “plastic world”, annually throws trillions of microscopic particles from plastic, poisoning all life on the planet, including itself. Particle sizes that are destroyed by external factors reach nanometers. The spread of plastic is becoming a deadly phenomenon for all living things on Earth.

And the reason lies in their ability to penetrate into the bloodstream, lungs, intestinal mucosa. The catastrophe of harm to plastic is obvious. Microplastics are quite difficult to detect, not to stop their spread.

They are dangerous for all types of living microorganisms and everyone suffers from them, without exception, so scientists sound the alarm. Today, microscopic pieces of plastic flooded the air and water, leaked into the soil, posing a threat to the health of people and animals, wedging and destroying entire food chains.

Pieces of plastic were found in marine organisms, the fish that humans eat. Wherever a person’s foot has gone, there remain tiny pieces of degraded synthetic, plastic fibers and plastic balls, collectively called microplastics.

Recent studies have shown that fibers of synthetic materials are present in beer, which is bottled in plastic bottles, in water flowing from a tap, in Arctic air and ice, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Microplastic, which enters the human body, causes many dangerous diseases, including deformation of the lungs and the formation of blood clots.

Marine biologist Ed Carpenter, while on a research cruise on the Sargasso Sea in 1971, first discovered strange-looking white spots that floated among brown algae and was horrified when he realized that it was nothing more than tiny pieces of plastic. This shocked him because the find was discovered 550 miles from any continent, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The study was the first confirmation of large-scale pollution of the planet with plastic, and it became clear that household garbage in the form of plastic bags, plastic bottles and other human waste products that flooded the coastlines is not the worst disaster for the planet.

Mark Brown suspected that the microplastic contamination process had reached the scale of an environmental disaster. He hoped that the blood samples of the dried blue mussel examined under a microscope would testify to him the opposite. But this did not happen as soon as he saw on the screen a vague three-dimensional image of the blood cells of the mussel.

Microfibres are also in the air, which a person inhale daily. And it makes no difference where you are. Scientists know that small particles in the air, when inhaled, penetrate deep into the lungs, which contributes to the development of many diseases, including cancer.

Experts are sure that the spread of microplastics throughout the planet, together with the already harmful effects, are good reasons for humanity to seriously think that nature should be treated with more care.

Final Tips

There are some other recommendations that need to be mentioned during the discussion of the thesis statement for research paper.

  • Engage in constant monitoring of the emergence of new articles that relate to your topic.
  • Feel free to consult and share your ideas or difficulties with friends and teachers.
  • Remember to check the written paragraphs and make changes. Sometimes students are in a hurry and ignore this item. As a result, the work contains many different mistakes that spoil the whole impression of the content.

Refer to the Specialists

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