Definition of a satire essay

Being a student means facing tens or even hundreds of different essays. But you’ll hardly find a more confusing one than a satire essay. It is a style of writing, which requires analyzing the subject in a humorous style. The facts can be exaggerated, you can make fun at the topic, and do whatever it takes to make the audience laugh (of course, without hurting their feelings).

Usually, a satire essay is rather fun and interesting to complete: you provide arguments in an entertaining manner and the whole atmosphere is light and laid-back. However, the data should still remain educative and provoking thoughts and ideas.

But all the efforts will be useless if the topic lacks originality and today we’ll teach you how to choose a great satire essay topic!

Getting an A+ for a satire essay – detailed guide

If it is your first time dealing with a satire essay, let’s assure you that you are in the right place! We have gathered all the necessary tips. Just read them attentively and get started:

Choose the right satire essay topic

Any paper starts with an idea of what to write about. This stage may take some time but remember that you don’t need to be in a hurry. To create outstanding work, it’s important to choose an issue that you truly enjoy and know good enough to create a thorough and humorous analysis.

It will be much easier to write an outstanding essay if it is on a subject that you like! For example, you can discuss current events, your favorite TV show or a common misconception that always makes you laugh.

Think of the reader when choosing a topic

We all have a unique sense of humor and often don’t get jokes that others find hilarious. That is why, when choosing a satire essay topic, it’s necessary to think about what the audience would like. Think of the aspects that the reader will find funny.

If you find yourself stuck, it’s possible to take a regular topic and to try making it humorous – add exaggerations, mix different ideas, etc.

Include hyperboles

Satire essay will always win if you don’t forget about hyperboles – it is a figurative language, which will make the tone humorous and won’t be taken literally. With the help of hyperboles, you’ll be able to overstate a certain point and exaggerate it. Examples of hyperbole are: ‘he’s running faster than the wind’ or ‘your skin is softer than silk’.

Sarcasm is your friend

Sarcasm is probably the best tool you can use in a satiric essay. It is not only an effective way of rendering your point but also a tool to entertain the reader and to create a clearer picture of what you are writing about. With the help of sarcasm, you’ll mock the situation by using language, which is completely opposite to the things you really want to render.

Other elements of a great humorous essay are a rich vocabulary, mimicking a boring style of formal publications or inserting appropriate jokes along the way.

Don’t forget to have fun

Even if you’re writing it for a grade, remember to enjoy the process. At first, it may seem rather difficult especially if you constantly think about what the teacher will say about the essay. But try to distract yourself and concentrate on the fun moments of the process. Take your time, have fun, and you’ll see how great your satire essay will turn out!

Satire essay topics for students of all academic levels

Trying to come up with a brilliant satire essay topic? Don’t worry, we have done the job for you and made a list of great topics. Just pick the one in a necessary category and start writing!


1.  Do you really need graduation?

2.  Do your grades matter?

3.  More efficient ways of using time than being at school;

4.  Leaving school can be the best choice of your lifetime;

5.  Things that are not taught at school;

6.  Is uniform necessary?

7.  Are there still schools where chalkboards are used?

8.  How to succeed at school;

9.  How to climb the social pyramid.


10. Freedom of speech is an illusion;

11. Is it necessary to have censorship?

12. Do we need free press?

13. Does privacy exist?

14. Media influences our thoughts;

15. Is there fake news?

16. Who buys newspapers?

17. How much impact social media have on our lives?


18. Influence of history on modern society;

19. The most important historical event;

20. The role of kings and queens in modern society;

21. The worst American President;

22. Was Alexander The Great that great?

23. Does slavery still exist?


24. Love is a fiction;

25. How to be sure that you’re in love;

26. How to stop acting weird on a first date;

27. Best conversation ideas for a first date;

28. Lines that pickupers usually use;

29. Is love really blind?

30. What is the best age to fall in love with?

31. Is it possible to love several people at the same time?


32. Is marriage necessary?

33. How marriage influences personality?

34. Should same-sex marriage allow?

35. Cost of a wedding;

36. Why so many marriages end;

37. Questions to ask before agreeing to marry;

38. I will never get married in a church.


39. Who are stronger – rugby or football players?

40. The World Cup – the most important sports event in the world;

41. Do we need the Olympic games?

42. Who understands the meaning of ‘off-side’ rules?

43. Should jerseys have ads?

44. Should steroids be legalized?

45. Can athletes be role models?

46. Why football players are earning thousands per day;

47. Why soccer is not popular in the US?

Social aspects

48. Do we need gun control?

49. Why vegans don’t feel sorry for the vegetables?

50. Is our country in the middle of the obesity epidemic?

51. Cyberbullying;

52. Should healthcare be available to each and every one?

53. Should medical marijuana be legalized?

54. Place of euthanasia in a modern society;

55. Should people have a right to choose their own identity?

56. Animal testing should be stopped;

57. Poverty is a global problem.

Topics of college

58. Problems of the first world;

59. Is hotdog only a sandwich?

60. Why pineapple should be prohibited on pizzas;

61. Why do earphones gather in knots?

62. Why women need so much time to get ready?

63. How we eventually turn into our parents;

64. We are what we eat;

65. Breaking up with a husband/wife over a text message.


66. Is money important?

67. Work hard, spend more;

68. How to save money;

69. What is retail therapy?

70. How to save enough money for buying a dream house;

71. Working hard doesn’t equal earning good money;

72. Money won’t make people happy;

73. Money is nothing but a piece of paper (say people that don’t have money);

74. Being broke is not the end of the world.

Information technology

75. How soon will robots control our lives?

76. We can’t live without our devices;

77. Would you panic if leaving a smartphone at home?

78. Changes in the information technology over the years;

79. Computer hackers are real heroes;

80. Is public Wi-Fi safe?

81. How can data be stored on a cloud?

82. Trends of technology;

83. Apps that make our lives worse.


84. What is global warming?

85. The role of the ozone layer is overestimated;

86. Let’s ban cars;

87. Is recycling contributing to the ecology?

88. Fossil fuels vs alternative energy;

89. We are losing tens of animal species a day;

90. Is climate change really happening?

91. How can we reduce pollution;

92. There’s already not enough fish in the sea.


93. How to find the right business connections;

94. Is it easy to run a business?

95. Who needs a virtual assistant?

96. You can make millions in business;

97. Business role models;

98. What is better: working hard vs hardly working?

99. How to become an entrepreneur without leaving your sofa;

100. Hiring the right people for business.


A satirical essay is one of the best assignments you can get both at school and college because it is interesting, fun, and doesn’t require too much research and analysis. However, if you still want to get an A, we recommend familiarizing with the list of 100 satire essay topics above and choosing the one, which will suit your personality, will fit the subject and interests of the audience.

And if you have any worries left, you can always count on our professional writing service!

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