Police Brutality Essay Writing Guide

If you are a student who faced an assignment of writing a police brutality essay, find enough time and patience because it cannot be writing within one day. This essay would require hard work and lots of preparation.

We can say such essays are pretty delicate, while you will need to feel lots of thin lines when working on them. This topic is as old as the world. Namely, the history of the police brutality term in the USA goes back to the 1800s.

However, the issue wasn’t much disclosed until now. The public didn’t report both physical and psychological abuse. To such injuries belong to threaten civilians, casual pepper spray employment, misuse of firearms, etc. 

As you can see, the topic is extremely important and requires special attention and deep research. Procrastination or neglecting the necessary approach when working on police brutality essay is unacceptable. So, if you want to create a brilliant essay on this topic, follow the tips below.

Police brutality essay definition

Police brutality essay belongs to argumentative essays and represents a report revealing misdemeanor actions of the representatives of the police departments. The case of Rodney King was the first biggest story of police brutality and helped lots of people who managed groups aimed to fight against injustice. 

Thanks to that case and lots of other incidents that happened after it, it was revealed that every member of the public is not protected from unlawful laws representatives. Even ordinary people who are not criminals may become the victims of police, and hundreds of incidents of improper behavior of police officers were reported. 

We can consider the emotional, physical, and even mental abuse as improper behavior of police officers. Police often use different tortures, such as using mental aggression, beating people, and using different weapons, to get a confession. For that reason, people have doubts about the honesty of police officers.

There are both local and international cases of police brutality in the United States reported on the Internet and such credible sources like The Washington Post or BJS statistics. And this is all caused by poor system control and management. Their behavior causes moral traumas of different individuals. 

Main constituents of police brutality essays

When working on your police brutality essay, every writer should take into account different factors and conduct thorough research. This type of essay is different from others, so when writing your essay on police brutality, you should do the following:

  • Check out official statistics with the cases of police cruelty in a specific city, region, district, etc.;
  • Find free online sources and other bases for additional information;
  • Research the dates, historical periods, tendency of brutal police actions;
  • Analyze the role of every person involved in the act, as well as the part of every department, etc.;
  • If possible, determine the root causes of the actions of police brutality;
  • Provide recommendations for preventing such situations in the future. 

Make sure to include recommendations at the end of your paper while they may be used to change the situation in the future.

Writing a police brutality thesis statement

As far as you understood already, before starting to work on such an essay, it is necessary to conduct thorough researches and collect a lot of data and statistics. So, a police brutality essay is not only about writing but also about researching and analyzing. And if you lack the time or special skills, you will need to start working on it as soon as possible.

All that analyzed and gather data and materials will help you create a strong thesis statement or research question and reply to it. No matter what topic you are assigned or choose yourself, it will be invariably controversial. It means that you will have to take a position and be able to argue it. Your task is to persuade your readers to take your position and take offered measures.

You won’t be able to do it without a very strong police brutality thesis statement. If you don’t know or forgot, a thesis statement is the core message helping you to guide the flow of your piece of writing. It is aimed to let your readers know what you are going to tell them in your essay. 

Tips on creating a strong thesis for your police brutality essay

Now you know how crucial it is to think of a brilliant and strong thesis statement for your police brutality essay. A thesis statement is one to three sentences rendering the main idea of your paper. 

It is recommended to do it as brief as possible, so one sentence is perfect. It is not easy to render a core message with the help of just one single sentence. So use the tips below to create a strong thesis statement that will grab the attention of your readers.

Collect credible evidence

You already know the role of reliable and reputable sources for your research. Keep in mind that the same data and evidence will help you organize your thoughts and find links between facts. The most impressive evidence or statistics will serve to create a good thesis statement for your essay on police brutality.

Create a working thesis

That step is somehow connected with the previous one. Your thesis should be working and easily supported by the evidence you collect. Use the strongest evidence you find. Make sure your thesis is not too long, just one to two sentences.

Watch your vocabulary

The choice of words is also crucial for your thesis statement. It is necessary to avoid obscure words or too complicated terms. Your thesis statement should be highly readable and understandable to an average reader. Do not confuse the audience and make your statement as clear and specific as possible. 

Your thesis should answer the “So what?” question. Avoid using generic words and formulas in your thesis statement. The meaning and active words should be sharpened, so use only concrete subjects. 

Include a comment about your personal position

Keep in mind that a strong thesis statement is not only the announcement of your topic or report of some facts. Including a comment on your personal position on the issue is a must.

Good police brutality essay topics for students

  1. Is police brutality justifiable?
  2. Police brutality towards Mexicans and Arabs in the USA.
  3. Is it necessary to preserve the right of police to check the legal status of suspected civilians?
  4. Is it necessary to teach the signs of police brutality at schools?
  5. The worst forms of police brutality.
  6. Can police brutality be justified during riots?
  7. Should policemen react to crime when off duty?
  8. Should policemen be banned from carrying weapons when arresting civilians suspected in non-violent crimes?
  9. The highest policemen brutality rates.
  10. How does police brutality affect the prevention and detection of crimes?

That is a shortlist of police brutality essay topics for you to get inspired and come up with a good idea for your own essay. But keep in mind that the list can be endless while the range of such socially important issues is inexhaustible, and it is important to cover at least some of them. 

Remember that police brutality essay requires lots of research, time, writing, and writing skills. And if you are not sure you have enough of them, you’d better ask for professional help. Instead of submitting a poor essay, you will get a unique, plagiarism-free, and brilliant paper that will grab the attention of the audience and the public. 

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