The Process of Working With Five Paragraph Essay

An essay is a favorite genre of every academic discipline. Students are required to conduct research in various areas of our lives. All these papers have their own unique characteristics and contribute to the development of a huge number of skills. In addition, the written part consists of almost all standardized tests. Its essence lies in the need for the presentation of thoughts and analysis on a given topic.

Perhaps, at first, glance, writing a five paragraph essay may seem like a daunting task that contains many small details. Nevertheless, familiarization with the specifics of this paper will help you quickly navigate the work process and create excellent work.

What About Key Types

The first step that starts working with any text is to study the features of a certain kind of essay. When writing various texts, you may encounter an assignment that relates to a specific type of paper and requires compliance with a series of rules. Among the most common are the following:

  • expository;
  • narrative;
  • comparative;
  • argumentative;
  • persuasive;
  • literary etc.

The type of essay is the main element from which you will build on because it is the determining criterion that affects the formation of the central idea and thesis statement.

Traditionally, the most common genres that students meet in different exams are literary and persuasive essays. Accordingly, you need to uncover a certain phenomenon with an answer to a specific question or express thoughts that relate to a read work of literature.

More Detailed Structural Analysis

As the name implies, five paragraph essay is divided into the same number of blocks among which there are elements such as:

  • introductory part;
  • three paragraph body;
  • final words.

Typically, the volume of such paper takes about 5000 characters.

The Role of Introductory Part

First of all, you need to present your main idea which will be devoted to all subsequent narration. Writing this part may seem like an easy task that you can quickly master. However, this is only at first glance. Despite the small volume, it plays the role of the most important element of all your paper. The introduction is a starting point that interests the audience and introduces the topic that will be disclosed in the next paragraphs.

Below we brought a pinch of key aspects that you should pay attention to while working with the introduction.

Try to limit yourself to one sentence for a brief description of the idea. You can scroll through several ready-made versions of manuals that tell about the features of creating a five paragraph essay. It will help you quickly develop your starting phrase.

Formulate a thesis. This aspect is a direct reflection of your key idea, which is guided by all subsequent parts. If the topic is presented as a question, this element traditionally plays the role of an answer and is designed accordingly.

Write supporting phrases that serve as arguments and justify your thesis. You should also keep order so that the development of the topic is smooth and one-sentence smoothly flows into another.

When We Work With the Body Paragraphs

The next paragraph of your research will be devoted to expanding the topic and a detailed description of all the important nuances. Traditionally, the main body consists of three sections, each of which is closely related to the aspects presented in the introduction that follows after the thesis.

Here you can give free rein to any manifestations of imagination and use the maximum number of elements that can reinforce the paper materials. However, you should not take this statement too literally. Try to remember the importance of order. We suggested a possible structure that will help to make this part informative and built correctly.

  • First of all, the task is to present your point of view. It should be short but at the same time clearly reflect your position.
  • Engage in the development of the argument and try to convince the audience of the correctness of the idea that was proposed. Limit yourself to one but capacious phrase. It will be more than enough.
  • Finally, you can move on to the most creative process, which consists of providing all kinds of facts, statistical data, specific phenomena, direct quotes, and other aspects that belong to the category of evidence and serve as illustrations for your argument.
  • Repeat the same steps for the other two sentences from the introduction and you will not notice how the work with the main body is completed. The introductory function is to provide an outline that you use when working on the main paragraphs. This greatly facilitates the work and helps to cope faster because when you write the introduction, you already pre-design the main part.

How to Complete It All

Despite the fact that the main function of the fifth paragraph of the paper is to summarize everything that was mentioned earlier, work on the final part of the essay can cause a number of certain difficulties.

In short, your key task is to reformulate the thesis statement that will subsequently be connected with the body paragraphs. The location of these elements is a phrase that substantiates and emphasizes the correlation between the thesis and the main points. 

The sentence that completes your essay should be a reflection of the key idea. It should also be accurate and convincing. 

Remember the role and rules of work on the final part and try not to supply it with new ideas or materials.

A Pinch of Extra Tips

Above we presented several basic recommendations that will help you navigate the process of writing the five paragraph essay. Nevertheless, there are still a huge number of useful skills and tricks with regard to this aspect. We will consider some of them further.

The conclusion is not a mandatory paragraph. Of course, you need to finish the paper. But this does not have to correspond to traditional or even banal schemes. Try to surprise the audience and make you think about the topic that you raised in your essay. This will be the best conclusion.

Train constantly. Often the time limit is one of the components of all sorts of exams. For this reason, I should learn to write papers quickly and concisely. This will be a great practice that will help you not only in the academic field.

In addition, you can also regularly read articles and works on various topics. This will help you stock up on a wealth of knowledge, including various data or quotes.

Check out the guides. Understanding the specifics of a particular phenomenon is much easier while embroidering or reading another person’s explanation.

Develop independent strategies. Remember that writing any paper is your work. Where you cannot deny yourself anything. Pay attention to any new idea and engage in regular development. In this case, your essay paragraph will be excellent and bring high scores.

What About Key Thoughts

Remember that choosing a topic is the most important step in creating any paper and not just academics. Your essay should be devoted to the disclosure of an important phenomenon that is highly important and relates to the lives of many people. Moreover, it may also be able to influence all of humanity. We have indicated many ideas can find a place in your work below.

  • The harmful influence of plastic and methods of dealing with this phenomenon.
  • Can robots take over the world?
  • Educational aspect in computer games.
  • Lack of homework as a way to improve the learning process.
  • The benefits of living in a country house.
  • Should people be punished for the nonsense they cause animals?
  • The book’s uniqueness and relevance.
  • Should the Internet be free and accessible to every inhabitant of the planet?
  • The impact of marijuana on the productivity and daily lives of teenagers
  • Sex education as one of the key disciplines in school and why it is important
  • Benefits of banning the use of products made from animals.

A Few Important Findings

The five paragraph essay is a very interesting and common type of paper with the writing of which you can meet at the awards passing a number of different tests or in academic classes. Nevertheless, if you are too busy or cannot understand the specifics of writing, contact professionals to entrust this important matter to them. Experienced specialists will be happy to help you.

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