Costco Essay and Its Secret Tricks

When hearing about an admission essay, many students are worried. What is so scary in that type of essay and why some students are simply in a right mess when they face it?

There is nothing wrong with or scarifying with admission essays. The issue is that it is time to leave school and be accepted to further educational establishments. And this essay plays a huge role in your success, especially if it is a prestigious college or university, and the competition there is really tough.

As you can understand, your future may depend on how successfully you write your application essay. Let’s find out what the success of Costco essay is about, actually, and how you can use it to succeed too. 

What Is Costco Essay? 

Costco essay is also called Brittany Stinson’s essay. Admission essays are a personal statement that students should complete to be accepted into all Ivy League schools, including Stanford. The acceptance level at those establishments is crucially low. 

Brittany Stinson submitted her college essay about Costco stores in 2016. She wrote about her personal experience with those shops, childhood and teenage years, and how it affected her personality and interest in studies. 

Necessary to admit that her essay became viral. After completing it, she was offered places with all the best world’s universities, including all five Ivy League schools. There should have been something special about her essay, and below, you will find out what exactly.

Four Core Constituents of the Costco Essay Success

You should know that Costco essay’s success depended on four main factors. Below, you will find out what exactly they were.

Factor 1 – Topic

The topic is important for any essay, no matter what type it is. And the first factor that influenced the success of Costco essay was its topic. Lots of students decide to write about their personality or experience, so the prompt of that essay was quite simple.

But Brittany Stinson decided to tell about Costco stores. This ensured the topic to be unique and specific. The attention of the admission committee will be automatically drawn to your paper if its topic stands out from thousands of other essays. 

Factor 2 – Background

The background of Costco essay was not about shopping even though Brittany picked to write about the chain of stores. The applicant managed to connect her experience in the store with the growth of her personality.

The girl showed what kind of explorer she was and how she wanted to figure out more about samples, sales, and goods. Simply chain of stores was connected with the academic aspirations of the girl showing her wish and ability to work hard for her future.

Factor 3 – Text quality

Despite the simplicity of the chosen topic, the language of Brittany’s essay is very complex and vivid at the same time. The applicant showed her high academic level and ability to use sharp vocabulary. 

Thanks to a perfect word choice, you can see each of the scenes and even feel like you participate in it. So, not only is the topic important but choosing the right vocabulary is crucial for the success of your essay.

Factor 4 – Tone

The tone of your essay depends on your topic. The peculiarity of Costco essay is that it was light, and the tone of it was light as well. It makes the text readable and even fun to read. This is very important that your reader could easily read the text.

Another peculiarity if Brittany’s essay was a smooth transition from humorous topics to serious stories, and this grabbed and held the readers’ attention from the beginning until the very end. It looks like nothing special, isn’t it? Just a good writer’s approach.

Why You Must Read Costco Essay

Reading Costco essay is not only highly recommended, but we would also say it is a must! If you are going to write your application, Brittany’s essay is the best sample and template for understanding how your essay should be written and get inspired.

No other essays you may find online will serve such a great example of what a successful admission essay should be. When reading it, you can see how to select proper vocabulary and tone for your own essay. Switching between paragraphs smoothly is a must for any essay, and here you will learn it.

But we recommend reading Costco essay only for your inspiration and seeing how a good essay should look like, learn some writing techniques, etc. But do not read too many samples of different essays online. It may significantly influence your own writing process.

The reason for that is that some students think they are not too smart or creative when reading all those samples. There is nothing difficult in writing an essay, so your confidence should not fade away, leaving you with fear and feeling of despair. 

If you use too many ideas from other people, you may start plagiarizing their style and content. And this is not what makes your essay a success. So, you should trust in your writing skills and knowledge and create a wonderful piece of writing on your own. 

How to Write Your Own Outstanding Admission Essay

If you do not possess excellent writing skills like Brittany Stinson, you may need some help with writing a good story. Here are some good essay writing tips:

  • Be unique. The admission committee checks thousands of essays every year. Do you think you should stand out to grab their attention? Of course, you should. Your topic and personal statement should be original and grab their attention from the very first line. 
  • Try to write about supermarkets like Brittany did, be creative, and write about your own experience. It can be anything – you can turn any of your hobbies into a great personal statement and tell about it;
  • Connect it with the academic field. No matter the statement is called personal, your experience should relate to the field you have chosen;
  • Show you are a great candidate. Showing your confidence and skills, thanks to which you will be a wonderful student, is a must. Show the admission board that they need you;
  • Be honest. Adding some vivid examples or details won’t make your essay worse. But keep in mind that the whole story should be real. Do not tell about something you didn’t experience yourself. The board members will feel at once that you’re dishonest. Needless to say, it will affect the quality of your essay and your grade;
  • Proofread. Proofreading and editing any essay is a must. To make your essay perfect, you should read it a couple of times and make sure it doesn’t contain any errors and typos. 

Let’s Create a Great Personal Statement

If you can browse some good essay examples, it will be much easier for you to create a great essay of your own. But we understand that not all people are creative enough to write an outstanding paper and repeat the success of Costco essay.

But don’t worry if you lack some writing skills and necessary knowledge. You can always apply for the help of professional writers who will support you on every stage of your writing process. Our best writers used to write brilliant personal statements from scratch, following all the guidelines from your professors.

So, if you want to be as successful as Brittany but lack the same skills, welcome to our experts who will meet all your expectations and requirements. It is better to avoid experiments when it comes to admission essays, so if you are not sure to write it perfectly, entrust this task to professionals! 

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